You can disable Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s improved Mako handling if you ‘like pain’

While Mass Effect Legendary Edition is primarily a remaster, the first game in the series in particular is also getting some gameplay overhauls. As BioWare detailed earlier this year, the contentious Mako is one of the things being altered. The infamously bouncy vehicle will have weightier physics and be less prone to sliding, as well as having a boost, shields that recharge faster, and the ability to touch lava without an instant game over. The XP penalty for kills while in the Mako is also going away.

Not everyone hated the Mako, however, as BioWare knows. Project director Mac Walters and environment director Kevin Meek told PC Gamer earlier today that there will be an option to go back to a floaty version of the Big Trak-inspired truck. “For those people out there who do like pain, we’ve left the option to leave it back kind of closer to the original controls as well if you want,” said Meek.

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