World of Warcraft Classic players are furious at the how expensive its character cloning fee is

Blizzard finally revealed today that World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic is launching on June 1, but it’s not all good news for the community. Alongside the release announcement, Blizzard also revealed the price of its deluxe edition and new account services like a one-time character level boost, and a lot of players are upset over how steep those prices are.

Before we get to the root of the issue, it’s important to know that World of Warcraft Classic is a free addition to any regular WoW subscription. It emulates the MMO as it existed back in 2006, but because MMOs tend to evolve and grow over time, players eventually got bored killing the same raid bosses and wanted more. That’s where Burning Crusade Classic comes in. It resurrects World of Warcraft’s first expansion true to how it was back in the day, giving WoW Classic players a whole new continent to explore, more levels to grind, and a bunch of other exciting changes like flying mounts. Burning Crusade Classic is also included in a regular WoW subscription.

What’s upsetting players, however, are the prices of the optional account services that many will want to use going into Burning Crusade. The most controversial is the $35 fee to clone a character so it can play on both WoW Classic and Burning Crusade servers. A patch planned for May 18 will introduce some of the expansion’s features early (like the ability to play as blood elves or draenei). After the patch rolls out, all WoW Classic players will have to make a permanent choice: Move their character forward into the Burning Crusade or choose to keep that character contained within the original WoW Classic version.

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Those who move forward into the Burning Crusade will stay on the same server and enjoy all the fancy new features and areas to explore when they launch a few weeks later. Those who choose to stay behind will be transferred to new servers that will stay stuck in Classic, where the level cap is 60 and no new features will be added. It might seem like an obvious choice, but a lot of players prefer the Classic version of Warcraft untouched by expansions. That’s what WoW Classic was all about in the first place.

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