Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony is a huge Doom mod 6 years in the making

Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony is one of the biggest GZDoom wads ever made—it may even be the biggest. But “wad” is a misnomer really, because this 30 level outing looks more like an entirely new game. The project has been six years in the making, and during that time 15 volunteer modders from all over the world have put their heads together to create a “true” follow-up to id Software’s Wolfenstein 3D.

Now the results are available to play, and the good news is that it’s available entirely standalone, meaning you won’t have to muck around with wads and launchers. It’s also free. And it also stars B.J Blazkowicz. Never a better reason to smash that download button.

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