Where to find all the Resident Evil Village masks

Finding all four Resident Evil Village masks isn’t easy, let alone without the undead and an extremely tall vampire lady chasing you at the same time. Castle Dimitrescu is a beautiful place—all opulent artwork, blood-soaked basements, and bright gold decor—but you’ll want to be shot of the place quite soon after entering, let me tell you.

But to do that, you’ll need four Resident Evil 8 angel masks, which you can find in various orders. Each need placing on four faceless statues in the large entrance hall of the castle before you can escape it, and each have been fiendishly hidden. Finding them all requires backtracking and mental mapping, unless you follow this guide. If you don’t mind some spoilers ahead, here’s where to find all the masks you need.

Resident Evil Village angel masks: Tips for navigating Castle Dimitrescu

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