What is Vimeo Premium and its Latest Discount?

Vimeo Premium: Live streaming at its best

Vimeo Premium offers a wide range of live streaming options, in addition to all of Vimeo’s other powerful tools. With Vimeo Premium you can engage your audience with live chat add-ons, live graphics and call-to-action options to drive more traffic and increase your sales. Distribution is arguably the most important step of any live stream event and Vimeo offers simulcasting to different platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitch, allowing you to reach your audience wherever they are. Also available in this subscription plan is password protection, embedded permissions or a private hub with SSO for internal teams. Whether you are showing your customers your newest product, interacting with your audience during a live event, or delivering a company wide town hall, Vimeo has you covered.

Sign up for Vimeo Premium – receive a free gift

The best part of signing up for Vimeo Premium is that it comes with a tiny, yet powerful gift. The Mevo Start* is a pocket-sized camera, which is ideal for live streaming wherever you are. It even allows you to stream to one or more platforms at the same time (6Mbps). Optionally, you can also use NDI or RTMP to stream at a faster speed of up to 15Mbps. Keep in mind that the Mevo Start offer is free for a limited time only.

While it can also be used as a webcam with video conferencing platforms, Mevo Start comes in handy in various circumstances, such as:

  • To capture events at venues
  • To broadcast in houses of worship and classrooms
  • Broadcast gaming, sports, and government events
  • Help content creators capture stunning moments

*MSRP: $399

By signing up to Vimeo Premium today, you can save 15% off the Premium plan with an exclusive Vimeo promo code verified by PCWorld or get a free Mevo Start Camera for a limited time only.

Vimeo’s pricing plans and features

Video creation is becoming more widely available given numerous online software platforms. Due to all the new features and enhancements these platforms are providing, we’ve chosen Vimeo as one of the most user-friendly tools. Vimeo allows you to create professional video content with 4K & HDR quality, publish to multiple social media platforms, live stream, and track your analytics with the integrated marketing software.

There are five different Vimeo plans from free to paid that you can choose from depending on your needs and number of active users. If you’re unsure of which one to purchase, you are given the option to sign up for their free trial in order to see which features are useful to you.

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