We Can’t Wait To Play Moonshell Island

When it comes to the adorable and weird, indie games reign supreme. The cute, the quirky and the unique all come out to play in indie games, and Moonshell Island is yet another upcoming fun-fest that we can’t wait for.

Credit: Cheekynauts

From developer Cheekynauts, Moonshell Island is an action adventure set on the island of your dreams. Moonshell Island is distinctly more Stardew Valley than Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with RPG and simulation elements set against the bright and colourful background of the world.

A game about “achieving dreams, supporting friends, and building a community,” it’s up to you to protect the island and its residents when mysterious creatures attack. Take refuge at Crabby’s Cabana Club and keep the island residents safe and happy while you work to return the island to peace and security.

image from moonshell island
Credit: Cheekynauts

Along with its RPG elements, Moonshell Island will also offer a variety of puzzles, sidequests and mini-games, ensuring your time in “paradise” is utterly well spent.

With its distinct and striking art style, we’ve never been more keen to jump into island living, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what Moonshell Island will bring to the simulation and RPG genres!

image from moonshell island
Credit: Cheekynauts

Sadly, Moonshell Island doesn’t yet have a release date, but it’s definitely one to keep on your radar as we head into the new year.

Check out the currently-in-development project in action via the tweet below!

If you want to find out more about Moonshell Island, its development and its upcoming release you can follow the developers on Twitter here, or support the project through Patreon right here!

What do you think of Moonshell Island so far, and is this a game you can’t wait to play either? Let us know by reacting to our Emojis below!

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Featured Image Credit: Cheekynauts

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