Wait, some of you hit Ctrl with the tip of your pinky?

When Wes revealed that he was WASDing wrong a few years ago—with his pinky on A—I joined in and laughed. Ha ha ha, look at this guy, putting his pinky on the wrong key! Well, let me tell you, it doesn’t feel so good when your pinky is the one being mocked.

Yesterday, PC Gamer contributor Kyle Campbell confessed that, when using WASD, he hits Ctrl by adjusting his hand forward on the keyboard and pressing down with the top of his palm. I was vexed by the discussion I was seeing in our work chat. Kyle’s method is unusual, but it didn’t seem that weird to me, just overdramatic. What, are you supposed to curl your whole pinky back and use the tip?

(Image credit: Future)

Apparently, yes, most of my coworkers curl their pinkies off of Shift and hit Ctrl with the tip. What? That’s uncomfortable and inefficient, unless perhaps you are an accomplished classical guitarist. I genuinely didn’t know that anyone did that until yesterday. I propose that Kyle and I are the normal ones (more me than Kyle though), and it’s the pinky curlers who are weird.

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