Video Games That Make You Cry

It must be galling if the tears start to flow while you are playing a video game. Teenagers would find it very hard to live down such an incident. However you get the chance to define the way that the video game is handled. The humor or sorrow that is within the video games can make you cry. You might cry because you are laughing so hard or you might cry because the video game has touched a nerve. Most people would argue that there is nothing really wrong is showing your genuine feelings about something. If the video games are making you nostalgic then it is better to embrace this feeling than to repress your express. In any case the psychologists are always telling us that it is imperative to be expressive in our lives. In the world of video games this is easier said than done due to the macho image that is projected. Crying is supposed to be for wimps.

Compelling electronic games

There are some video games which are so well made that they end up compelling you to express your emotions. If the story has been told in an accurate and compelling manner then there is no reason why you cannot feel the beauty of that story. You might even be able to improve the way that the perception of the facts affects you. The fans tend to love their playable games. They will know all the nuances and the storyline might capture them so securely that there is no alternative but to let go of the pent up emotions that they are feeling. There is an element of emotional risk if you let your feelings show. On one hand the people around you might think that you are a sensitive soul who is not afraid to express their feelings. On the other hand the community might consider you to be a weak person who is just unable to grasp the gravity of the situation that they are dealing with. All these are expressions that you need to take into consideration.

For the Elite Beat Agents you might be moved by the efforts that are put in place by Nintendo DS. This is a game that is following the footsteps of earlier versions and the end result is very good to say the least. The seven year old girl who is the protagonist in the move loses her dad in an accident. This sorrow is then made worse by the fact that it is nearly Christmas time and the girl will not have Santa to help her with presents. Of course cynical people might think that the game is too contrived. It ticks too many boxes but in reality the design is compelling enough. This is just one of the examples of video games that can make you cry. As individuals we have our own things that make us cry. For example some people might cry about slavery or others might look at different human interactions in order to get their inner thoughts.

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