Valve’s being increasingly vague about future Steam Deck availability

The expected availability for a new Steam Deck is becoming harder to pin down as Valve has moved from detailing a specific three-month period for a new reservation, to a far more nebulous metric. Now it just lists a starting point in the future after which you’ll eventually get your chance to bag a Deck.

We’re starting to see, in both the US and UK, the more affordable versions of the Steam Deck being given a vague ‘After Q2 2022’ listing, where once it was offering a clearly defined three month period across the board. 

Now, that could easily still just mean Q3 2022—or July to September—but equally it could also mean Q4, next year, or simply a non-commital shrug.

(Image credit: Valve)

On a more positive note, however, where once the premium 512GB SKU was listed with availability expected sometime in Q3 2022 that has been pulled in to now appear potentially up to three months earlier in Q2.

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