Totally Rated: The ultimate gaming desk, poké photography, and next-gen roguelikes

If you’re interested in things in tech and gaming that can be rated, and the ratings they get, then you’re in the right place with this latest episode of Future’s weekly review show, Totally Rated. This week iMore and TechRadar tell us if we should care about New Pokémon Snap, T3 and Windows Central show us the cable-managed cleverness of Secretlab’s Magnus gaming desk, and GamesRadar and TechRadar break down the latest PS5 exclusive, Returnal.

Starting with some poké photography, New Pokémon Snap landed exclusively on Nintendo Switch last week. If you’re new to photographing anime critters, then this is a revival of the Nintendo 64 version, but with new islands and Pokémon to, well, snap. You’ll be exploring beautiful regions and researching the wildlife that inhabits them at a nice, serene pace.

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