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Big Island GPGPU in mass production

Tianshu Zhixin announced that its Big Island General Purpose Graphics Processor (GPGPU) has entered mass production. 

The development of the new GPGPU started back in 2018, but it wasn’t until January this year when the Chinese company Tianshu Zhixin announced that a new compute accelerator is in development. Just 3 months later, the company officially announced that it has entered mass production using TSMC’s 7nm process node.

The GPGPU features CoWoS packing technology (Chip-on-Wafer-on-Substrate). The chip is manufactured using TSMC’s 7nm FinFET technology, the company announced on Wednesday. It’s an advanced accelerator with over 24 billion transistors.

The manufacturer revealed some performance figures of the Big Island GPU, such as FP32, FP16/BF16, and INT32/16/8 figures, which allows a side-by-side comparison to existing high-performance chips from better-known suppliers of such solutions such as AMD or NVIDIA.

According to the new slides, Big Islands GPGPU would offer 37 TFLOPs of single-precision compute power (FP32). The chip will also offer up to 147 TFLOPs of FP16/BF16 half-precision calculations. Furthermore, it will also reach 317, 147, and 295 TOPS in INT32, INT16, and IN8 calculations per second respectively. The company did not provide any clock speeds or GPU configurations, which makes it impossible to tell how many cores does the chip has.

Tianshu Zhixin SpecsPerformance 1Tianshu Zhixin SpecsPerformance 2

Big Island GPU, Source: Tianshu Zhixin

In terms of performance, the new chip performs well in FP32 calculations, that’s assuming Big Island’s official data does not use Matrix or Sparsity. The FP32 performance is indeed higher than both AMD Instinct MI100 and NVIDIA A100, but half-precision calculations are slower.

The chip offers higher performance in an 8-bit integer though, nearly 60% faster than MI100, but still half of what A100 has to offer. The company did not provide double-precision performance figures.

2021 Compute Accelerators
SolutionIluvatar CoreXAMD Instinct MI100NVIDIA A100
GPUBig IslandArcturusGA100
FP32 CoresTBC76806912
Memory32GB HBM232GB HBM240GB / 80GB HBM2
Memory BandwidthTBC1.2 TB/s1.6 TB/s / 2.0 TB/s
TDP300W300W250W / 400W
InterfacePCIe x16 Gen4PCIe x16 Gen4PCIe X16 Gen4 / NVLINK
Peak Performance
– Matrix46.1 TFLOPS
– Sparsity156 TFLOPS
– Tensor312 TFLOPS
– Sparsity624 TFLOPS
INT8295 TOPS184.6 TOPS624 TOPS
— Sparsity1248 TOPS
— Sparsity2496 TOPS

Tianshu Zhixin has presented various implementations of its Big Island GPU. The accelerators will be offered in a traditional dual-slot PCIe Gen4 x16 form factor with passive cooling as well as a standard mezzanine board form factor.

Tianshu Zhixin Big Island GPU 3 Tianshu Zhixin Big Island GPU 1 Tianshu Zhixin Big Island GPU 2

Big Island GPU Solutions, Source: Tianshu Zhixin

Source: Iluvatar via Tom’sHardware, Wccftech

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