This Raspberry Pi Project is Good For You

Developer and Raspberry Pi enthusiast Kutluhan Aktar is at it again with another impressive Raspberry Pi project. Aktar has created a Pi-powered food scanning system that uses artificial intelligence to create a comprehensive nutrient profile assessment at a glance. We recently covered his Darth Vader cryptocurrency tracker which uses the Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller to help monitor crypto prices in real-time.

The best Raspberry Pi projects make our lives easier and this one is designed to keep your nutrition in check by analyzing anything it scans with TensorFlow machine learning. Using a custom model programmed by Aktar, it produces output of the food’s “healthiness score” with the help of an open-source nutrition database called Open Food Facts.

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(Image credit: Kutluhan Aktar)
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(Image credit: Kutluhan Aktar)

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