This new Dwarf Fortress video has me more excited than ever for the graphical update

I’ve been patient since March 2019, when Dwarf Fortress creator Tarn Adams announced that the game would be coming to Steam alongside a brand new graphical interface. Adams has released a steady stream of update videos and screenshots since then, showing the work in progress, but this latest one has finally pushed me into making grabby motions with my hands and mouthing “give it to me now” at my monitor. This massive overhaul of Dwarf Fortress is looking—and just as importantly, sounding—fantastic.

Dwarf Fortress famously used ASCII symbols instead of art, but it also had a very sparse soundtrack of just two songs, played by Adams on acoustic guitar. The Steam version of the game is expanding on music alongside graphics, and the 10 minutes of soundtrack in this new video is darn near enrapturing. It starts with a similarly sparse acoustic guitar before layering in atmospheric touches and exciting crescendos. I don’t know who’s doing the soundtrack, but it makes me think of composer Darren Korb’s music for Supergiant Games, and I mean that as a compliment.

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