This Cooler Master mechanical keyboard is just $48 right now

Keyboards might not help you play games at a smoother framerate, but they’re an important component in any PC setup. The right layout and key switches can make everything from gaming to typing up Word documents more enjoyable (except for people hearing your microphone). Cooler Master is perhaps best known for its fans and power supplies, but the company has also produced a few keyboards, and one of them is almost half off the usual price right now.

The keyboard is the Cooler Master CK552, a full-size board with a number pad and Gateron Red mechanical switches. It has all the usual gaming keyboard features, including per-key RGB lighting, a brushed aluminum design, and software support for configuring macro shortcuts. The main downside is that the USB cable isn’t detachable or easily-replaceable, so if the cord ever breaks, you’re gonna be in for a rough time. Don’t go swinging it around like a flail, in other words.

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