The Last Of Us Contains Uncharted Easter Egg We All Missed

An Uncharted Easter egg from Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us has been hiding in plain (or should I say “plane”?) sight since the game first came to PS3.

Since 2013 there’s been an undiscovered Easter egg (or an undiscovered treasure, if you will) relating to Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series within the adventure of Joel and Ellie, and it’s only just been revealed.

Credit: Naughty Dog

In 2013, game developer Rodney Reece was working on the original The Last of Us on PS3.  Previously he had also worked on the entire Uncharted series while at Naughty Dog, which led to the inclusion of a secret nod to the adventures of Natha Drake.

It’s not uncommon to reuse assets from a previous game under a studio and place them in a more recent game and that is exactly what has happened with a multiplayer map called “Beach” in The Last of Us.

nathan drake uncharted
Credit: Naughty Dog

In a tweet from Rodney Reece – who is now at Apex Legends and Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment – the developer revealed that he included Sully’s plane within the map.

You know, here is an Easter egg I’ve been holding onto since 2013,” he tweeted.

Reece then proceeded to point out that the components of Sully’s plane (Nathan Drake’s mentor in Uncharted) had been placed in the multiplayer map in question.

The Last Of Us Part 2 Ellie looking out of window
Credit: Naughty Dog

In the Last of Us on the map ‘Beach,’ there are remnants of a propeller plane. That plane is Sully’s plane from Uncharted 1,” revealed Reece.

Rodney Reece also teased that the reason why parts of Sully’s plane was used in The Last of Us multiplayer map is that both Naughty Dog titles might be canon to one another (although probably not).

Reece teased: “Not saying that’s canon. But I took it from Uncharted 1, broke it into pieces, & put it there.

The likelihood is that the Uncharted and The Last of Us series are not in the same universe and this is just the common case of a developer reusing assets, or perhaps just a little fan-servicing.

However it’s quite cool to think that Ellie, Joel, Nathan and Sully all live (or lived) in the same world.

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