The House Of The Dead: Remake Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Forever Entertainment’s House of the Dead: Remake has been officially announced as part of Nintendo’s recent Indie World Showcase.

Credit: Megapixel Studios

SEGA’s classic lightgun shooter first emerged on the scene in 1997 and received various sequels and remakes right through to 2013. The horror game’s remake is set to feature the same light gun mechanics we all know and love, infused with a graphical overhaul.

The project is being handled by Megapixel Studios, the team behind the previously-recreated Panzer Dragoon Remake. Back in 2019, Forever Entertainment stated that it would be working on various The House of the Dead remakes. However, whether or not the series will be remade in its entirety remains to be seen. 

Credit: Megapixel Studios

If you’re familiar with The House of the Dead, you’ll know it’s more like a B-movie than a compelling horror experience. Cheesy humour is at the heart of The House of the Dead, alongside flashy visuals and loud sound effects, which make it a classic arcade favourite.

The House of the Dead: Remake looks to be faithful to the original’s premise, bearing a resemblance to later games in the series like The House of the Dead: Overkill. Check out the new trailer below!

At the moment, The House of the Dead: Remake seems to be a Switch exclusive. While the game could be released across the platform, the Switch’s Joy-Cons are a perfect lightgun substitute, though it’s unclear if the game will be playable with a Switch Lite.

Previous The House of the Dead series entries used the likes of the Wiimote to emulate the game’s traditional arcade mechanics, while The Typing of the Dead on Steam makes players touch-type for their lives.

Credit: Megapixel Studios

Hopefully, we’ll hear more about The House of the Dead’s comeback soon. The game doesn’t currently have a release date, but apparently, players will be able to revisit SEGA’s house of horrors later this year. 

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Featured Image Credit: Megapixel Studios

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