The best NVMe SSD in 2021

Now that the best NVMe SSDs can be found shipped with the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, you best get your PC building butt on the same page. A super speedy SSD is not only going to speed up your gaming experience significantly, the more people that adopt them, the more developers can take advantage of the speedy memory, and wont have to worry they’re leaving half their audience behind.

NVMe drive prices have dropped considerably in recent years; a speedy 1TB drive can go for less than $150. There’s hardly even a price disparity between slower SATA drives and faster NVMe ones nowadays, so you should absolutely go for one if your motherboard has a compatible NVMe SSD slot, known as an M.2 slot, or space for a PCIe add-in board with M.2 slots onboard.

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