The best CARV.2 loadouts for Warzone

What is the best Warzone CARV.2 loadout? The new tactical rifle isn’t quite on par with the likes of the current M16, or the DMR in its heyday, but it’s always fun to try out a brand new firearm. This weapon is surprisingly versatile, so it’s really easy to squeeze it into your Season 3 loadouts.

Just like other in-season weapons, you need to complete a weapon-unlock challenge to get your hands on the new gun. I’m sure you’ll make quick work of this, but I’ve included some tips below to help you speed through the challenge in Warzone and Cold War. Once it’s safely nestled in your inventory, here are a couple of Warzone CARV.2 loadouts to try out in your next match, along with the attachments that are worth grinding for.

Unlock the CARV.2

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How to unlock the CARV.2 in Warzone and Cold War

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