Studio behind Metro Exodus are hiring for a new IP

4A Games, the studio behind Metro Exodus, have advertised a number of job listings explicitly for a “new IP”. While 4A appear to be hiring a large number of staff in general, there are six roles that are labelled as for a new IP: three design roles, and three artist roles.

There isn’t much that can be divined about any future game from the job descriptions, though the listing for a senior technical artist goes to some interesting places, tonally: “Never use the word ‘impossible’.” “Doing R&D means digging your own path ignoring doubts.” Many of the other listings on 4A’s site seem to avoid the ‘games wizard/ninja/jedi’ tendencies that pop up in passion-based industries, emphasising the importance of taking on critical feedback and being receptive to other people’s ideas, which makes this particular one stand out.

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