Steam Deck reservations are already selling on eBay for absolutely stupid prices

When Valve announced the Steam Deck yesterday, it also revealed a plan to keep resellers from earning profits on them by taking advantage of limited supply: Anyone making a reservation must have made a purchase on Steam prior to June 2021. The goal is to ensure that nobody can crank out a bunch of new Steam accounts and then use them to reserve a big pile of Steam Decks that can later be unloaded at massively inflated prices.

It’s a strategy that might prevent institutional resellers from making bank, but it’s not a perfect firewall. Steam Deck reservations went live today, and the online auction site eBay is already swimming in “confirmed order pre-sales” at prices far above cost. One listing for a 64GB unit, for instance, has bidding starting at $550 and a “Buy It Now” cost of $750—nearly double the regular $399 price. The lowest price I’ve seen on a 512GB unit is $949; at least one true optimist is asking for more than double that amount.

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