Stay out of Apex Legends ‘ghost rocks’ or be banned, warns Respawn

Respawn is taking a hardline stance against Apex Legends players exploiting a Season 9 bug that lets you clip inside a rock and block all incoming damage. The ‘ghost rock’ in question can be found on the Phase Runner map, one of four launch maps in Apex Legends’ new Arenas mode. A fix to the rock clipping bug was supposed to come in yesterday’s patch that nerfed the new Bocek bow and Spitfire, but Respawn said in a followup tweet that it was delayed for “quality-control reasons.”

In the meantime, Respawn has warned players that exploiting the ghost rock for personal gain is a bannable offense. By the looks of it, dealing with a player glitching into the troublesome rock is pretty annoying. You can clip into the rock by simply walking into it and you can’t see through or shoot into it, resulting in an awkward shuffle in and out of the rock.

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