Sony charges for crossplay support to protect PSN revenue, documents show

In 2018, a public outcry from Fortnite players seemingly pushed Sony to finally support crossplay on the PlayStation 4. Until its big shift with Fortnite, Sony had repeatedly chosen not to support crossplay for other games like Minecraft and Rocket League. Newly-released documents from the Epic Games v Apple lawsuit now show how Epic tried to negotiate with Sony for crossplay, and that once Sony did finally allow cross-platform play, it began charging developers based on how much their game earned on other platforms.

In a 2019 Sony document titled “Cross-platform revenue share,” Sony outlined a royalty payment policy for games that earn a significant portion of their money on platforms other than the PS4. “If the proportion of PSN Revenue Share divided by the PS4 Gameplay Share for a title is less than .85 in any given month, the Partner will pay SIE a royalty to offset the reduction in revenue.” 

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