Sony And Microsoft Responds To Derek Chauvin’s Guilty Verdict

Sony and Microsoft have issued a statement concerning Derek Chauvin, who was convicted for the murder of George Floyd earlier this week.

The statements follow Derek Chauvin being found guilty of all charges for the murder of George Floyd last year. Sony responded to the court’s verdict with a statement posted to its official Twitter account, where the company stated that Chauvin’s conviction is a “first step”

“We stand with the Black community as the verdict has been reached in the George Floyd trial. This is a first step, but there is much more to be done. 

Together with @Sony Group, PlayStation will remain committed to addressing racial inequity and driving meaningful change.”

What Did Microsoft Say About Derek Chauvin?

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft has also posted a statement to its official blog, which reiterates the company’s commitment to tackling racial prejudice and discrimination:

“Our nation has a long journey ahead before it establishes the justice and equity that Black Americans deserve. The murder of George Floyd is a tragedy and a crime, and no jury can bring him back to life or reverse the pain and trauma experienced by his family and still felt across the country and around the world. Today’s verdict is a step forward in acknowledging painful truths and for the continued cause of defeating racism and fighting discrimination. Our company remains committed to the continued path ahead.”

Splitscreen of PSVR headset and Astros Playroom
Credit: Sony

Chauvin’s guilty verdict will be seen by many as a huge victory for the Black Lives Matter movement. The conviction shows that times may finallly be changing in terms of holding institutions and individuals to account. Especially when it comes to racism, brutality and inequality. While radical change is unlikely to happen overnight, every victory counts. Hopefully, this landmark case will lay the groundwork for global institutional change. Perhaps George Floyd’s family and friends can have some level of closure from the verdict.

Information on the Black Lives Matter campaign can be found on the movement’s official website.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft/Sony

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