Sign Up To Bag Some Freebies – ‘PlayStation Days Of Play’ Returns Next Week

Get ready to bag yourself some freebies, because PlayStationDays of Play’ returns next week, and we’ll let you know how you can sign up!

Days of Play is a special global community event in which fans work together to achieve set goals and in return, we get some cool PlayStation freebies.

In a nutshell, for Days of Play 2021, all fans need to do is play PlayStation games. By simply playing games certain targets will be met, and players will be gifted with free avatars and PlayStation 4 dynamic themes.

Players will first need to sign up for the Days of Play 2021 event, and when that’s done you’ll be good to go. 

In order for your contribution to be recorded, players must play any one game for at least an hour, and your contribution will then be added to the cumulative total. Earning PS4 and PS5 trophies will also be taken into account.

It doesn’t matter if you play solo or with your friends, once signed up you’ll be doing your part to earn everyone some PlayStation freebies.  In total, players will be able to earn 17 avatars and 3 dynamic PS4 themes.

Obviously, avatars can be used across a number of PlayStation platforms such as PS3, PS4, PS5, and the PS Vita.  Sadly at this time, the PS5 does not have functions to use dynamic themes, but hopefully, that will change in the near future.

Credit: Sony

As an added bonus, players who take part in all three stages of Days of Play will receive an extra avatar and dynamic theme. Sony has also announced on the PlayStation Blog that there will also be a Days of Play sale on the PS Store later this month, as well as a free multiplayer weekend.

Below you’ll find the dates and targets for Days of Play 2021:

Stage 1 – May 18, 00:00 (2am UK) – May 24, 23:59 PDT (07:59 UK)

  • Goal – 2.4 million games, 7.2 million trophies – 1 avatar, 1 theme
  • Bonus goal – 3 million games, 8.8 million trophies – 3 avatars

Stage 2 – May 25, 00:00 – May 31, 23:59 PDT

  • Goal – 2.9 million games, 8.5 million trophies – 5 avatars
  • Bonus goal – 3.6 million games, 10.4 million trophies – 3 avatars

Stage 3 – June 1, 00:00 – June 7, 23:59 PDT

  • Goal – 3 million games, 9 million trophies – 1 avatar, 1 theme
  • Bonus goal – 3.7 million games, 11 million trophies – 3 avatars

Are you looking forward to the Days of Play event later this month? If so, share your excitement across our social media channels.


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Featured Image Credit: Sony

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