Rogue Lords, the roguelite about helping the Devil reclaim Earth, arrives in September

Rogue Lords is a tactical roguelike about trouble in Hell—but not the sort of trouble you might expect. The Devil is having a rough go of things after taking an ass-kicking from the forces of good, you see, so he’s put together a heavy-hitter E-Team (that’s E for Evil, by the way) that includes Bloody Mary, Dracula, the White Lady, and Baron Samedi, and he’s leading them on a crusade to reclaim his dominion over Earth. Classic Prince of Darkness stuff.

It’s probably not as dark as it sounds—as we explained during the 2020 PC Gaming Show, these bad guys are only helping out the Devil because they owe him a favor (Satan helps you move and you never hear the end of it), and while the visual style isn’t exactly Looney Toons, it strikes me as a far cry from the relentless grimness of Darkest Dungeon. And the G-Team (that’s G for Good, by the way) may not be quite what it seems, either. Demon hunters are never fully up-front about what they’re actually up to, after all.

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