Rimworld’s Ideology expansion will let you play as ‘tree-worshipping cannibals’ (or whatever)

The indie colony management sim Rimworld officially launched in October 2018, after spending more than five years in an early access state, but developer Ludeon Studios is still working on it. The studio announced today that a big, free update, and a new expansion called Ideology, are coming soon.

The 1.3 update is “a pretty big one,” representing roughly 15 months of work on the game, and will add (among other things) a new system of pens and fences for animals, a rework of the factional goodwill system, more capable enemies who will now use special tools to breach your base defenses instead of trying to barge in through the front door, medicine that can be carried and used by colonists, and beards. Why beards? “People have beards, and they look beardy and awesome,” Ludeon explained.

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