Retro Camera Gets Raspberry Pi Upgrade

One of the best photography-related April Fools of recent years was the RE35. It purported to be a 35mm film canister from which you could withdraw a digital sensor, which would allow you to snap pictures up to 12MP from your favorite old manual film SLR. It wasn’t real of course, as the website now admits, but a brilliant idea from maker befinitiv, and spotted by Hackaday, makes this now a reality thanks to the Raspberry Pi Zero W and camera.

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(Image credit: befinitiv )
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Mounting the Pi in the camera

(Image credit: befinitiv )
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The Pi mounted in the camera

(Image credit: befinitiv )

The build takes advantage of the diminutive size of the Raspberry Pi Zero W and the ZeroCam camera module designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi Zero. A 3D-printed case sits where the film would go, supporting the Zero, and the camera module, with its lens removed, is positioned exactly in the center of the film window, effectively taking a photo of the back of the lens. It can even shoot and stream video over Wi-Fi.

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