Red Dead Redemption 2 DLSS update brings ‘up to’ 45 percent performance boost today

The long-awaited Nvidia DLSS update for Red Dead Redemption 2 has landed, and according to Nvidia you can expect remarkable performance improvements across the board with RTX cards. Nvidia writes that “all GeForce RTX gamers” can expect over 60 fps at 1080p with settings amped up to ultra. Good news, as during our benchmarking the RTX 2060, for example, struggled to meet 60.

Nvidia provides a few examples of what you can expect with its 30 series cards. At 1440p with an RTX 3060 Ti at ultra you should get over 60 fps, while at 4k with an RTX 3070 (or faster) you’ll achieve 60 fps with ultra settings. Once the patch has installed, you’ll find the DLSS toggle in the Settings / Graphics menu.

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