Raspberry Pi Pico Drone PiWings Updated With Wi-Fi, New PCB

Maker Ravi Butani is the mastermind behind the Raspberry Pi Pico drone project PiWings which we recently covered a few weeks back. Using Raspberry Pi’s RP2040 SoC microcontroller, Butani created a custom platform for driving and controlling a wide variety of drones, planes and more.

Recently, Butani has announced a new update to the development—PiWings V2, a finished flight controller PCB with plans to offer pre-ordering for interested parties. The latest revision also comes with Wi-Fi via an ESP-12F. Ravi Butani showed us what the PiWings platform was capable of on an episode of our Raspberry Pi-themed podcast called The Pi Cast with a live demo.

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(Image credit: Ravi Butani)
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(Image credit: Ravi Butani)

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