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Intel’s Raja Koduri teases Xe HP GPUs

On his Twitter Raja Koduri (Intel’s Senior Vice President, Chief Architect, General Manager, Intel Architecture, Graphics, and Software) summarized the extraordinary year of 2020 when it comes to computer graphics solutions.

Intel Xe-HP & Xe-LP GPUs, Source: Raja Koduri

Intel recently announced its Server GPU based on Xe-LP architecture (commercialized by H3C as XG310 solution), which was Intel’s first Xe-based product for data centers. Meanwhile, the company has been teasing its Xe-HP architecture for at least two years now. Intel already revealed the design of its Arctic Sound platform featuring 1, 2, and 4-tile designs.

In a new tweet, Koduri puts the H3C solution next to Intel’s Xe-HP accelerators that already sampling to customers. This is actually the first time we are seeing those accelerators in a discrete PCIe form factor.

Intel Xe HP Sigle Slot PCIe Design

Intel Xe-HP Single-Slot PCIe design, Source: Raja Koduri

The graphics card posted by Koduri all appear to be a single-slot and passive design. It is unclear which variants of the Xe-HP processors are used by those products. The model on the right is powered by a single 8-pin power connector.

Koduri also looks forward to 2021, when developers will get their hands on Xe-HP (pictured), Xe-HPG (upcoming gaming architecture), and Xe-HPC (Ponte Vecchio). So it’s a further confirmation that we will hear more from Intel on all these architecture in the coming year. Intel’s Senior Vice President also thinks that with so many graphics releases we reached the GPU Golden Age.

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