Quake Champions is celebrating 25 years with one of the original Quake maps

Quake is turning 25, and so Quake Champions is celebrating with “a rocket blast from the past” in their Summer 2021 update. Along with a number of legacy weapon customisations, the update sees the addition of one of the original 1996 Quake multiplayer maps: The Dark Zone.

This caught my eye, as someone who played original Quake multiplayer as a kid. (Yes, it was very age-inappropriate.) Some get their nostalgia kicks from JRPG remasters, I get mine from sludgy brown bricks. It doesn’t look to be directly the map as-is, but the Quake Champions version of it—one with more fluid lighting, and portals that really glow. It still looks incredibly blocky though, which is the most important thing.

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