PS5s Are Being Stolen In ‘Fast & Furious-Style Heists’

Luxury goods – including PS5s – are reportedly being stolen from UK lorries by thieves performing heists that wouldn’t look out of place in the Fast & Furious movies.

It’s not uncommon that crime and its methods of sophistication are on the rise as we lead up to Christmas, especially during a time when next-gen consoles have launched.

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According to UK tabloid The Times, almost 30 “rollerover” heists have been reported to the police and, unless something drastically changes, those numbers will only increase.

Apparently how these heists are being performed is by using three vehicles to target a single lorry. One car would position itself in front of the lorry and one to the side.

This, as a result, would force the driver of the lorry to slow down, otherwise they would potentially risk a crash on the motorway.

A close up of the PlayStation logo on the PS5
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Once the targeted lorry had slowed down to a suitable speed, a third vehicle would pull up to the back of the lorry where the carriage doors are located.

Then once all three vehicles are in place, someone would climb out of a sunroof, walk on to the bonnet of the vehicle and open the carriage doors of the lorry. They would proceed to throw out the stolen goods.

In the months leading up to Christmas, luxury goods such as PS5s, Xbox Series Xs, TVs, mobile and tablet devices and all have all been reportedly stolen during the targeted events.

Image of trophies on PS5
Credit: Sony

A former security manager at the Road Haulage Association, Chrys Rampley, told The Times that she believes that until security is increased, not only will the crimes continue but drivers will also be at risk.

Rampley also believes these heists must be a result of an inside job and that makes sense, because I assume these thieves wouldn’t perform such a risky heist on random delivery lorries.

ps5 image
Credit: Sony

 “Somebody must know when and where that vehicle is and it can’t be just random that you are going to attack that. Somebody has done some tipping off,” said Rampley.

Hopefully a resolution is found soon because not only are the drivers of the lorries at risk but so too are passing drivers on the road should an accident occur. Sadly, this is just another instance of PS5 consoles hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

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