PowerColor Radeon RX 6800 (XT) custom cards spotted at EEC

PowerColor Radeon RX 6800 XT and RX 6800 series

Yesterday PowerColor has officially confirmed it will release a custom model called Red Devil based on AMD Big Navi GPU. Today we learn that the manufacturer has plans for another 26 models, according to the listing on the Eurasian Economic Commission website.

PowerColor Radeon RX 6800 Red Devil series, Source: PowerColor

Now, just because that many models were submitted to the regulatory office that does not mean all these cards will be released by PowerColor. We have already learned that PowerColor tends to submit all possible variants just in case.

The good news is that we are able to decode product names by comparing them to the last generation. The last alphanumerical characters in the product name indicate what display configuration will the product carry. For instance, if the code says ‘3D’, then it means three DisplayPorts, ‘H’ stands for HDMI and ‘C’ is the code for Type-C connector.

The previous generation of the PowerColor Radeon series also used ‘E’ to describe Red Devil (flagship series for the manufacturer), while ‘R’ meant Red Dragon. The most obvious part of the product code is, of course, the ‘OC’ which means factory-overclocking. The rest is hard to decode, but these are usually reference-clocked models with cooling solutions similar to the Red Dragon series.

PowerColor Radeon RX 6800 Series

PowerColor Radeon RX 6800 Series, Source: EEC

PowerColor Radeon RX 6800 Series
VideoCardz.comRadeon RX 6800 XTRadeon RX 6800Display Connectors
ReferenceAXRX 6800XT, 16GBD6-M2DHCAXRX 6800 16GBD6-M2DHC2x DP, 1x HDMI, 1 x USB
Custom 1 OC (Red Devil)AXRX 6800XT 16GBD6-2DHCE/OCAXRX 6800 16GBD6-2DHCE/OC2x DP, 1x HDMI, 1x USB
Custom 1 non-OCAXRX 6800XT 16GBD6-2DHCEAXRX 6800 16GBD6-2DHCE2x DP, 1x HDMI, 1x USB
Custom 2 OC (Red Devil LC?)AXRX 6800XT 16GBD6-3DHE/OCAXRX 6800 16GBD6-3DHE/OC3x DP, 1x HDMI
Custom 2 non-OCAXRX 6800XT 16GBD6-3DHEAXRX 6800 16GBD6-3DHE3x DP, 1x HDMI
Custom 3 OC (Red Dragon)AXRX 6800XT 16GBD6-3DHR/OCAXRX 6800 16GBD6-3DHR/OC3x DP, 1x HDMI
Custom 3 non-OCAXRX 6800XT 16GBD6-3DHRAXRX 6800 16GBD6-3DHR3x DP, 1x HDMI
Custom 4 OCAXRX 6800XT 16GBD6-2DHCR/OCAXRX 6800 16GBD6-2DHCR/OC2x DP, 1x HDMI, 1x USB
Custom 4 non-OCAXRX 6800XT 16GBD6-2DHCRAXRX 6800 16GBD6-2DHCR2x DP, 1x HDMI, 1x USB
Custom 5 OCAXRX 6800XT 16GBD6-2DHC/OCAXRX 6800 16GBD6-2DHC/OC2x DP, 1x HDMI, 1x USB
Custom 5 non-OCAXRX 6800XT 16GBD6-2DHCAXRX 6800 16GBD6-2DHC2x DP, 1x HDMI, 1x USB
Custom 6 OCAXRX 6800XT 16GBD6-3DH/OCAXRX 6800 16GBD6-3DH/OC3x DP, 1x HDMI
Custom 6 non-OCAXRX 6800XT 16GBD6-3DHAXRX 6800 16GBD6-3DH3x DP, 1x HDMI

Source: EEC

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