Pokemon Unite Glitch Reveals Machamp’s Cheeky Assets

Video game glitches can be both hilarious and frustrating. However, a recent hiccup with Pokemon Go has caused Machamp to bare all. Talk about a cheeky surprise!

Credit: Nintendo

Machamp can be seen sporting a pair of skin-tight briefs on a normal day, which provides the pocket monster with some modesty. However, thanks to Pokemon Unite, we now know what Machamp’s buns of steel look like in the flesh. Spotted by Twitter user hunkuro_unagi, the glitch seems to remove both its wrestling style belt and his little tight shorts. The result? Well, take a look for yourself [via Comicbook].

Of course, if you’re familiar with the Pokemon franchise, then you’ll be aware that some Pokemon wear clothes. However, according to the Pokemon Company itself, Machamp’s trunks are actually part of its body. Therefore, while the glitch seemingly makes the muscle monster naked, it’s apparently not actually wearing anything in the first place. Weird!

That being said, the Pokemon Company’s take on Machamp’s nakedness is also contradicted by the Pokemon Universe’s lore, which states Pokemon are born naked. Essentially, this means that we were right the first time; Machamp really does have his butt out.

Pokemon Unite MOBA Nintendo
Credit: Nintendo

It’s worth mentioning that, for the most part, Pokemon Unite is a relatively smooth experience. Therefore, this one-off cheeky bug isn’t indicative of the game’s quality. That being said, the Pokemon Company is protective over its brand image, so TiMi Studios will probably implement a fix for Machamp’s exposed assets with haste.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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