Playing God of War on PS Now made me rage harder than Kratos

Earlier this week God of War returned to Playstation Now on PC, which got me very excited about playing through this stone-cold modern classic again. I hadn’t used Playstation Now on PC before, though I’d had a fiddle on the Playstation itself, but basically figured it would be a more-or-less frictionless experience and that, even if I was technically still playing a PS4 game, I’d be playing it on my PC.

How wrong can one BOY be?

The Playstation Now on PC client is what I’d describe as functional: it works, and it looks alright, but it completely lacks the slickness I usually associate with Sony products. A minor irritation was that it made me verify I was a human every time while I was trying to remember my extremely unguessable password, but compared to what came next this can slide.

(Image credit: Sony)

When you choose your game in the library, Playstation Now will in short order start up a window and the game will begin launching (if you don’t have a pad inserted, it’ll prompt you to do this first). Initially I thought things were going to be just fine: sure, the game was running in 1080p but the frame rate seemed solid enough, and it looked great.

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