PC Gamer plays: Slipways, Curse of the Dead Gods, Session, and Hitman 3

Another month has passed which means more stories about our videogame adventures, straight from the PCG magazine. Andy tells of his space empire escapades in Slipways, Robin learns about his newfound love for traps in Curse of the Dead Gods, Nat needs some medical attention after breaking both shins in Session, and Sam laments at his leaderboard rivalries in Hitman 3. Enjoy!

Building a space empire in Slipways, one trade route at a time—Andy Kelly

Every strategy game or management sim I play, the same thing happens. I love it at first, but then my city, space empire, civilisation, or whatever it is grows to a certain size, and the micromanagement becomes unbearable. The joy is sucked out of the experience and I quit, destined never to finish a game. 

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