Patriot Admits to Swapping Parts on VPN100 SSD, Performance Unaffected

Although far from being one of the best SSDs, the Viper VPN100 is a solid SSD for the money. Unfortunately, the drive recently made the Reddit headlines because a consumer discovered that it arrived with different components than originally advertised. Patriot has provided an official statement to Tom’s Hardware explaining the reason behind the component swap.

One Redditor recently purchased one of Patriot’s Viper VPN100 2TB SSDs, and much to his surprise, the drive arrived with Phison’s E12S SSD controller and 512MB of DRAM. This certainly raised the alarm since the SSD not only utilizes a different SSD controller but also came with 1/4 the DRAM. For comparison, the original Viper VPN100 2TB used the Phison E12 SSD controller and had 2GB of DRAM.

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