Nintendo Switch (Pro) 2021 to feature NVIDIA DLSS enabled TV mode –

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Nintendo Switch to get NVIDIA DLSS

Even more rumors on NVIDIA DLSS support on next-gen Nintendo Switch.

A month ago first rumors on next-generation Nintendo Switch started to surface. The rumors have suggested that Nintendo will receive NVIDIA DLSS support as well as a 7-in OLED screen. Today Bloomberg confirms that DLSS mode will be used to enabled 4K TV mode on the new console.

While Nintendo Switch is a handheld console, it can also be used with a docking station which improves performance and enables TV mode (the station is attached to the TV). This functionality will allegedly be expanded on the next-generation model with 4K mode support (current version only supports 1080p), Bloomberg’s sources familiar with the matter claim. The console would therefore feature a new generation of NVIDIA chip which would possibly feature built-in Tensor cores, specialized compute units for machine learning algorithms, in this case, Deep Learning Super Sampling, a resolution upscaling technology.

The new Switch iteration will support Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling, or DLSS, a novel rendering technology that uses artificial intelligence to deliver higher-fidelity graphics more efficiently. That will allow the console, which is also set for an OLED display upgrade, to reproduce game visuals at 4K quality when plugged into a TV, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the plan is not public.

— Bloomberg

The site further claims that the pricing of the Nintendo console could go higher than 300 USD. The device could easily cost 350 USD with a chance of going up to 400 USD if the demand for a handheld console continues to be strong. Nintendo did not change the original MSRP for the current console since 2017.

Neither Nintendo nor NVIDIA have confirmed to be developing the new console. NVIDIA has not released a new Tegra chip. The current Switch is powered by Tegra X1+, which is an octa-core CPU with Maxwell-based GPU with 256 CUDA Cores. NVIDIA has since then released Tegra X2 (Pascal-based) and Xavier (Volta-based) System on a Chips (SoCs). The latest SoC codenamed Orin is based on Ampere architecture and features 2048 CUDA cores. However, this just as Xavier was designed for the automotive industry.

Source: Bloomberg

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