Nintendo Reportedly Planning More Limited-Release Games

Nintendo is apparently planning more “timed released” games, according to an anonymous development source. 

Credit: Nintendo

The information was disclosed to Vice by a collective of industry figures as part of a report discussing the removal of games like Super Mario 3D All-stars from sale.

During the conversation, one of the developers recalled a private meeting with Nintendo, which detailed the company’s opinion on timed releases [via VGC]:

They have data that shows that re-releases of games tend to wither on wishlists. The manufactured FOMO [fear of missing out] helps them get those sales, or so they think.”

Credit: Nintendo

Reflecting on this insight, Morris Garrard, a Futuresource Consulting gaming analyst, validated Nintendo’s hypothesis: 

This strategy is sure to create urgency amongst Switch users to purchase content and avoid missing out on the experience, fuelled also by the media attention the strategy is already garnering.”

While this is bad news for video game preservation and accessibility as a whole, it could prove to be a successful sales tactic for Nintendo. Since its release in 2020, Super Mario 3D All-Stars has sold 8.23 million units. Physical sales of the game have also more than doubled in anticipation of the game’s discontinuation. 

Credit: Nintendo

It’s worth mentioning that while the game isn’t available on the Nintendo eshop, physical copies will still be available beyond 31st March for as long as stock lasts. The game could also potentially return in the future, perhaps in a different format. The digital version of the game hasn’t been removed from the eshop entirely, as owners of the game can still redownload the title after its discontinuation date. 

Credit: Nintendo

Hopefully, Nintendo resists the urge to make more of its games a timed release. While the practice has paid off this time, no doubt, deliberately limiting the availability of games will leave fans disgruntled. Are you disappointed to hear we could see Nintendo release more limited games?

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