Next-Gen Nintendo Switch rumored to feature NVIDIA ‘Ada Lovelace’ GPU architecture –

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Nintendo Switch 2021 to feature NVIDIA Lovelace architecture

According to known NVIDIA leaker, the next-gen Nintendo console is expected to feature System on a Chip with a new architecture.

Yesterday we reported after Bloomberg that the next-generation Nintendo handheld console is now rumored to launch with NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology. This AI-powered resolution upscaling technology is currently the most innovative gaming technology in modern graphics. Combined with real-time ray tracing, games can now look better and still be rendered with a playable framerate. While Nintendo is not expected to feature ray tracing, it wcould definitely make use of DLSS.

Kopite7kimi, a leaker who correctly predicted NVIDIA Ampere specifications months ahead of launch, has now suggested that the next Nintendo Switch console (rumored to carry Pro moniker) will feature ‘ada‘. This obviously refers to Ada Lovelace, an English mathematician often cited as the first computer programmer. Kopite has already revealed that NVIDIA will use Lovelace architecture as its next-gen gaming architecture for desktop GPUs. Apparently, the architecture would also be used for next-gen console chips:

NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture would be a direct successor to Ampere. NVIDIA is also working on Hopper, a multi-chip module (MCM) design compute architecture. Lovelace is expected to be strictly gaming-oriented architecture, possibly bringing further upgrades to GPU built-in Tensor and RT cores.

The current version of Nintendo is using Tegra X1 T214 codenamed “Mariko” SoC. This a newer version of the processor based on a 16nm TSMC fabrication node. Since the launch of Mariko, NVIDIA has released three Tegra successors: Tegra X2 based on Pascal, Xavier based on Volta, and Orin based on Ampere. The codename of the next-gen Tegra’s successor with Lovelace graphics architecture is currently unknown.

NVIDIA tends to talk about its new Tegra chips at its Graphics Technology Conference. The next GTC starts on April 12 with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang keynote. Unlike AMD and Intel, NVIDIA has not revealed its GPU roadmap since 2018.

NVIDIA SoCNodeCompute CoresGPU Arch.GPUPurpose
Tegra 240nm2x A9Vec44 PS + 4 VSPhones
Tegra 340nm4+1 A9Vec48 PS + 4 VSTablets, Oyua Console
Tegra 420nm HPL4+1 A15Vec448 PS + 24 VSTablets
Tegra 4i28nm HPM4+1 A9Vec448 PS + 12 VSPhones
Tegra K1 T12428nm HPM4+1 A15Kepler192 CUDAsNVIDIA Jetson, Shield Tablet, Chromebooks
Tegra K1 T13228nm HPM2x DenverKepler192 CUDAsHTC Nexus 9
Tegra X1 T21020nm TSMC4x A53 + 4X A57Maxwell256 CUDAsNintendo Switch 2017, Jetson
Tegra X1 T21416nm TSMC4x A53 + 4X A57Maxwell256 CUDAsNintendo Switch 2019, Switch Lite
Tegra X216nm FF2x Denver2 + 4x A57Pascal256 CUDAsNVIDIA Drive, Jetson
Xavier12nm FFN8x CarmelVolta512 CUDAsNVIDIA Drive, Jetson
OrinTBC12x A72AEAmpere2048 CUDAsAutomotive
Next SoCTBCTBCAda LovelaceTBCNintendo Switch 2021

Nintendo Switch 2021 has been already rumored to offer a 7-inch 1280×720 OLED screen. The DLSS mode will enable 4K TV dock output capability and should also improve gaming performance in handheld mode.

Source: @kopite7kimi

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