Next Crusader Kings 3 patch means fewer jester hats, spectral children

Crusader Kings 3 has a small update coming this week, currently in open beta on Steam, and set to release on June 22nd barring any major bugs, that fixes some problems with the foremost medieval sim’s big 1.4 patch. That patch released on June 8th, with some pretty good stuff going on like new haircuts and hats, as well as some game mechanics changes or whatever like dynamic garrisons.

About those hats, though: There was a Jester’s Hat. Too many people were wearing that hat. I saw, like, a whole family wearing that hat at the same time the other day. The jester’s hat has been nerfed: “Jester hat will be less fashionable after 1300 and thus, won’t used by the majority of the characters anymore.”

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