Netflix’s The Witcher Season 2 Has Finished Filming

Season two of the Netflix series The Witcher has wrapped up its production, with filming now concluded.

Credit: Netflix

The news was shared to Twitter by Redanian Intelligence, a website dedicated to everything The Witcher.

That’s a wrap on #TheWitcher Season 2! (via Henry Cavill’s personal hair designer Jacqueline Rathore),” reads the tweet from Redanian Intelligence.

Like most things in the world right now, season two of The Witcher has had a troubled production thanks to the current global pandemic.

We’ve already had delays in season two’s production, with a COVID-19 outbreak among The Witcher cast and crew causing havoc. Geralt actor Henry Cavill also suffered a leg injury following a stunt gone wrong.

Credit: Netflix

With Henry Cavill being the all-around good guy that he is, he sent gifts to the cast and crew of the show to celebrate season two wrapping up.

Images of the gifts were once again shared by Redanian Intelligence, with one picture showing off a congratulations message from Cavill, seemingly celebrating the birth of Film & TV Assistant Art Director Jamie Shakespeare’s new baby.

The signed poster reads: “To Cillian, welcome to the world! The first natural-born Witcher you are. Henry Cavill”.

The second image is a fancy ornament featuring The Witcher logo, as seen in the tweet below.

Now that the production of season two of The Witcher has finished, I can’t wait for this season to hopefully arrive later this year.

In related The Witcher news, last month it was confirmed that the Wild Hunt will feature in season two. Exciting!

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Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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