Mythic Quest keeps facing real gaming industry issues with a smile


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This article first appeared in PC Gamer magazine issue 358 in July 2021. Every month we run exclusive features exploring the world of PC gaming—from behind-the-scenes previews, to incredible community stories, to fascinating interviews, and more. 

Mythic Quest is a workplace sitcom about the dev team behind the most popular (fictional) MMORPG in the world. We talked to some of the actors and creators behind the show (which is co-produced by Ubisoft Film & Television) about the serious game industry issues it tackles with humour, how gamers and developers have responded to the show, and if there are any similarities between making a game and making a show about a game.

In Mythic Quest’s pilot episode, the team was scrambling to complete its first expansion, called Raven’s Banquet, and season two similarly begins with the gang hard at work on the next expansion: Titan’s Rift. And in some ways, it sounds like making the second season of a television show might not be all that different from releasing a new expansion for a popular game. Viewers, like players, want something new and surprising, but there’s some danger in straying too far from the formula fans have come to expect.

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“What we’ve heard from our partners at Ubisoft is that gamers hate when you change anything about the game, but they also hate when you leave it the same,” says Mythic Quest cocreator, executive producer and writer Megan Ganz. We’re a fickle bunch.

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