Modder Is Creating Playable Non-VR Version Of Half-Life: Alyx

Thanks to yet another talented modder, you’ll soon be able to play Half-Life: Alyx without needing to use a VR headset.

Credit: Valve

In 2019 like an RKO out of nowhere, Valve suddenly announced Half-Life: Alyx. While this was by no means the Half-Life 3 that fans have longed for, it was at least something.

Half-Life: Alyx is set between the events of Half-Life (1998) and Half-Life 2 (2004), and players assume control of Alyx Vance, daughter of Dr. Eli Vance.

Half-Life: Alyx received high critical praise when it was released in 2020, winning awards and earning a Metacritic score of 93.

However, as excited as fans were for Half-Life: Alyx, much of the fan base was cut off from experiencing this game for a couple of main reasons. The first being that it’s a PC exclusive, and the other being that it’s a VR-only game.

Those who were able to play Half-Life: Alyx on PC with a VR headset no doubt have had a fantastic experience.  However, even if you’re a fan of VR, sometimes you want to game the more conventional way, and this is where this awesome mod comes into play.

half life alyx
Credit: Valve

The mod in question is developed by SoMNst and it will allow players to play Half-Life: Alyx the same way as they did with the first two Half-Life games in the series: VR-free.

According to PC Gamer, SoMNst has been achieving success by making Half-Life: Alyx functional where others perhaps have failed by “‘flattening’ Alyx’s VR toolset into something that controls like a regular flatscreen FPS.

SoMNst began publishing their progress with the VR-free mod on their YouTube channel and while they’ve had a lot of success, the latest video showcases the most progress yet. Check it out below.

I have no doubts that Half-Life: Alyx is best experienced using a VR headset, especially when a Headcrab jumps on your head, but at least this mod offers some form of alternative.

While a demo of the Half-Life: Alyx mod hasn’t been released to the public yet, apparently SoMNst is considering launching a limited alpha for Patreon supporters. Yes please!

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Featured Image Credit: Valve

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