Minecraft Builder Spent 45 Hours Building Nvidia RTX 3070 In-Game

A very dedicated Minecraft player has spent 45 hours building a very impressive Nvidia RTX 3070 in-game.

I’ve seen some very impressive worlds in Minecraft, everything from King’s Landing from Game of Thrones, The City of Minas from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King to The Legend of Zelda’s Hyrule and more, and this build is just as impressive!

Credit: YouTube:Alan Geisse

Alan Geisse is the Minecraft builder in question, and the creator shared a fly-through video detailing the fantastic Nvidia RTX 3070 creation. What’s even more fun is that you can even go for a swim in the PCs water-cooling system!

Geisse shared with PC Gamer how they were able to replicate the RTX 3070 to such a high detail in the world of Minecraft.

PC built in minecraft
Credit: YouTube:Alan Geisse

I worked with images of the components in Inkscape to be able to take measurements more easily,” Geisse told PC Gamer.

Geisse added: “I used images of the front of the motherboard, ATX schematics to quickly locate screws, and generic ATX AM4 motherboard electronics schematics to measure socket and chipset position.

Revealing this dedication to accurately recreate the RTX 3070 in Minecraft, Geisse quite wisely said: “What counts is to persevere to the end, a job done in half is worth nothing, a job well done can serve a lot.”

Geisse also told PC Gamer that while they initially had no plans to put their skills to the test once more in Minecraft, it seems that they are now reconsidering that possibility.

I had not planned to do any other mega-construction in the short term, but I’m thinking about it,” concluded Geisse.

Steve Minecraft
Credit: Mojang

I for one believe that Alan Geisse’s Minecraft creation is nothing short of awesome and I hope that they continue to put their master building talents to the test!

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Featured Image Credit: YouTube:Alan Geisse

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