MemTest86 Supports DDR5 Memory, Passmark Software Confirms

For the last 27 years, MemTest86 has helped users diagnose their computer systems to troubleshoot any memory issues that would cause their system to run faulty by reading and writing data through the test patterns sent to the system. MemTest86 has recently started support of DDR5 memory, allowing users the tools to utilize the most up-to-date software solutions.

In 1994, Chris Brady of BradyTech Inc., created MemTest86 for public use, but it’s origin dates as far back as 1981, where some of the algorithms used were under development and being used in architectures such as Dec PDP-11, VAX-11/780 and Cray XMP. When it fully released, it was considered open source (GPL) software.

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Between 2002 to 2004, the code was forked to the alternate form, MemTest86+, by Samuel Demeulemeester. This fork has caused some confusion from users due to the two titles being identical in name. Both titles offered the same support, and still do to this day, but with some differences.

Passmark Software acquired maintenance on MemTest86 in 2013 from Brady, but prior to the takeover, Brady approached Demeulemeester to attempt to forge both MemTest86 and MemTest86+ into one. Demeulemeester declined the offer, and continues to update his version of the MemTest86+ software and also keep it free for users. His last update was seen in December of last year.

Currently, Passmark Software has upgraded to support DDR5 memory, but where as MemTest86+ is free for anyone to use, Passmark sells the MemTest86 software, as well as other titles, to suit the needs of users. Also, since Passmark has the capability of continuous upgrades due to funding from the sales of their software, it has allowed them to stay more up to date than Demeulemeester’s MemTest86+.


Below is a listing of Passmark’s software titles, as well as to distinguish which titles are free and which are not.

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PassMark Software Product Line

BurnInTest 9.2trial availableYes
PerformanceTest 10.1trial availableYes
OSForensics 8.0trial availableYes
WirelessMon 5.0trial availableYes
MemTest86 9.1trial availableYes
Management Console (for BurnInTest and MemTest86) 1.0trial availableYes
Network Loopback Tester Softwaretrial availableYes
BatteryMon 2.1trial availableYes
MonitorTest 4.0trial availableYes
KeyboardTest 3.2trial availableYes
TestLog 3.0trial availableYes
Zoom Search Engine 8.0trial availableYes
USB2.0 Loopback Plug SDKYesN/A
USB3.0 Loopback Plug SDKYesN/A
PerformanceTest MobileYesN/A
Volatility WorkbenchYesN/A

The current build of MemTest86 by Passmark also supports UEFI. The Pro version of the MemTest86 software sells for $44 for the standard version, $49 for a USB drive version, and $2640 for full-site use. If you have a previous license of the software, there is a significant 50% or larger discount, depending on the license you have.

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