Meet the game makers determined to stop development from ruining lives


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This article first appeared in PC Gamer magazine issue 357 in May 2021. Every month we run exclusive features exploring the world of PC gaming—from behind-the-scenes previews, to incredible community stories, to fascinating interviews, and more. 

The games industry never stood a chance. Raphael van Lierop, narrative director of Far Cry 3, believes the medium inherited crunch from its parent industries—the expectation of overwork baked into software and filmmaking long before a programmer first managed to steer a pixel across a screen. By the time van Lierop joined a game studio in the early 2000s, burnout was considered best practice.

“We didn’t at all associate these things with poor management or poor planning practices,” van Lierop says. “We believed crunch was a necessary prerequisite to creating something exceptional.”

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