Maneater, The World’s Best ShaRkPG, Is Now Available On PS5!

The launch of a new console is always an exciting time, but it just got even better with the release of Maneater, fully optimised for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S! Maneater made waves when it released earlier this year on last-gen consoles, but now it’s swum over to the PS5 where an even more impressive adventure awaits! Here’s how Maneater PS5 improves on its last-gen counterparts. 

Credit: Tripwire Interactive

What Is Maneater?

Maneater is known as the world’s best shark RPG, offering players the chance to take to the seas to become the most vicious killer possible. Start off as a shark pup and find your fins as you chomp your way through the underwater ecosystem to become the top of the food chain. 

Maneater takes the traditional RPG and throws it into the sea, giving players the freedom of not only an open-world, but also the ability to play to their own strengths and preferences. Prefer to take down your enemies with brute force, or would you rather attack with a little more stealth and distance? Want to focus your energies on scouring the seas, or are you more of a landlubber at heart? However you want to play, Maneater will throw you into uncharted seas appealing to both combat-lovers and explorers. 

Now that you have a taste for Maneater, why should you pick it up on PS5? Well, thanks to the power of new-gen consoles, Maneater has never been so fin-tastic. 

Next-Gen Graphics

maneater game screenshot
Credit: Tripwire Interactive

Maneater already looked incredible when it first came to last-gen consoles earlier this year, but its migration to PS5 has given the game a jaw-droppingly beautiful edge. The dark and mysterious depths of the ocean have never looked so terrifying, while the shallows come alive with both light and life…at least until it’s feeding time!

The PS5 is already known for giving us the most realistic graphics possible from a console, and Maneater takes full advantage of the latest tech from Sony. On PS5, Maneater benefits from native 4K HDR support, running at a silky smooth 60 FPS. The console’s capabilities make lighting and graphics look more photorealistic than ever before, giving you the ultimate escape from reality as you cruise through the seas. 

Going Under The Ocean With Haptics

maneater game screenshot
Credit: Tripwire Interactive

The PS5’s DualSense controller has revolutionised the way we play video games, giving gamers the chance to really feel in-game activity like rain or the drawing of a weapon. Maneater’s PS5 release makes the most of Sony’s new controller, allowing players to feel the experience of swimming and battling through their underwater adventure. 

Maneater’s use of the DualSense’s haptic motors offer an immersive experience like no other, and if you’re sorely in need of a realistic escape right now, Maneater PS5 has you covered! 

maneater game screenshot
Credit: Tripwire Interactive

Whether you’re already a fan of the game or if you’re looking to sink your teeth into something a little bit different, Maneater PS5 is sure to provide you with hours of ridiculous and immersive fun. When it comes to becoming the apex predator of the seas, no-one does it better than Maneater, and it’s a must-play game if you’re lucky enough to have a PS5. 

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