Loot River Is A Bloodborne-Inspired Adventure With A Tetris Twist

What do you get when you combine the ruthless RPG mechanics of Bloodborne with the puzzling premise of Tetris? You get Loot River, a rogue-lite dungeon crawler with a tetromino take.

Featuring a pixelated aesthetic and a top-down perspective, Loot River is packed with labyrinths that are traversed by shifting blocks to create a path. However, the road ahead is filled with the kind of pearl you’d expect from a rogue-lite RPG, from mobs of enemies to brutal bosses. Here’s a description of the game from its Steam page:

“Explore procedurally-generated labyrinths in a dungeon crawling action roguelike that combines tense, real-time combat with spatial block-shifting – slide blocks of ancient ruins, fight bestial abominations, loot, explore, level-up, strategize, cast powerful spells, die and wake up anew.”

Credit: straka.studio

While the game’s premise is similar to the likes of Hades or Enter the Gunegeon, Loot River is also a puzzler. By merging two genres together, this RPG aims to district players from merely surviving. In fact, if you ever want to escape the game’s grotesque grotto, you’ll have to smash blocks together like you’re playing an old Game Boy. 

As you’d expect, the game also features an array of RPG elements, like obtainable weapons, character stats and a levelling system.

loot river
Credit: straka.studio

If you’ve played a roguelike before, you’ll be familiar with Loot River’s rinse and repeat premise. Trial and error is at the heart of this RPG, so don’t expect to breeze through Loot River on your first couple of tries. 

Loot River doesn’t currently have a release date, but hopefully, we’ll be able to explore the grimy depths of this RPG-puzzle hybrid soon. Personally, I’m going to search the internet for a gothic version of the classic Tetris theme to play while I play this punishing puzzler.

loot river
Credit: straka.studio

To find out more about Loot River and add it to your wishlist, visit the game’s Steam page!

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Featured Image Credit: straka.studio

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