Jupiter Nano Is a Tiny Microcontroller That Runs Linux

It seems the folks behind the Jupiter Nano open source hardware development board think the Arduino Due microcontroller board is overdue for an upgrade. The board, which is set to start crowdfunding via Crowd Supply, runs a version of Linux and is said to feature a processor that is 10x more powerful than the one found in Arduino’s Due from 2012.

That additional power is largely a function of time. Arduino released the Due in 2012 with the Microchip AT91SAM3X8E, a 32-bit microcontroller based on Arm’s Cortex M3 clocked at up to 84 MHz. The Microchip SAMA5D27C-LD1G inside the Jupiter Nano, meanwhile, is based on the Cortex A5 and capable of running at up to 500 MHz. Technically the Raspberry Pi Zero W is more powerful, but the Jupiter Nano is more of a precision tool compared to “one size fits all” approach of the Raspberry Pi.

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